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At the mention of bodybuilding supplements most people think of steroids or protein powders by the bucket full and things that make you go blimp in the night. That shouldn’t be the case. Supplements for the weight training sports and fitness activities do have a place in health and performance enhancement. The hard part is finding out which ones work and how much to take safely.

With any supplement, even vitamins, you need to ask these six questions:
1)  Does it provide benefit?
2)  Is it safe; now or in the longer term?
3)  What is the amount that works, the dose? (Never take more than the prescribed dose.)
4)  Does your supplement recommend that efficacious dose on the label?
5)  Can you trust the supplement company to always deliver that amount in its product?
6) Can you trust the supplement company not to include unsafe or illegal additional products intentionally or unintentionally in the product?


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