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Below you will find some useful information that I have compiled. This information can be used as a resource for seasoned bodybuilders or beginners.

o  1 hour training session $100.

 No discount for multiple sessions or for more clients per one session--non negotiable.

o  Diets $1000 12 week.

o  Diets for contest or fight $1000 flat.

o  Diets will be adjusted every week up to competition or fight day.

o  Click the button below to view some free sample diets to get lean or to stay lean while putting on muscle mass.


Get Shredded Fast and Healthy with this Diet:

This is made for a 240 pound man. (Cut this in half for a woman.)

Meal 1: 
10 egg white omlette with 2 cups of veggies Advocare Slam Energy Drink*

Meal 2:  
Meal Replacement Bar 1/2 cup of almonds Advocare Catalyst Amino Acid Supplement*

Meal 3:  
7 oz of chicken, 1 cup of rice, 2 cups of mixed veggies Advocare Leptilean*

Meal 4:  
Advocare Slim Drink* and Advocare O2 Gold Dietary Supplement* before training

Meal 5:  
8 oz of Filet and 2 cups of mixed veggies Advocare V16 Energy Drink*

Meal 6:  
2 cans of tuna or 1 Advocare Slim Drink* an Advocare Nighttime Recovery*

Get Shredded While Putting Mass Muscle
On Your Frame with this Diet:

This is made for a 240 pound man. (Cut this in half for a woman.)

Meal 1:  
1 Advocare Muscle Gain Protein Shake* 2 cups of steel cut oatmeal and 8 oz of CarbSmart Yogurt(Kroger brand)

Meal 2:
Advocare Mass Impact Drink* with Arginine Extreme Drink*

Meal 3:
8 oz of Turkey Breast, 2 cups of brown rice, 2 cups of veggies and 5 Advocare Catalyst Amino Acid Supplements*

Meal 4:  
Apple, 1/2 cup of Almonds, Advocare Muscle Fuel Pre-Workout Drink*

Meal 5:
8 oz of Fish, 2 cups of veggies, 1 Advocare Post-Workout Recovery Drink*

Meal 6:
12 Egg Whites , Advocare Nighttime Recovery* , and Advocare Catalyst Amino Acid Supplements*


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